CEO Offers Insight on Specialty Pharmacy Distribution to Lower Costs on Podcast

OptiMed Health Partners

Featured on the Reconstructing Healthcare podcast, OptiMed helps employers discover new specialty pharmacy distribution channels to lower costs

The cost of healthcare continues to rise with the cost of employee health benefits expected to near $15,000 on average in 2019.1  As the single largest providers and purchasers of health insurance in the US, employers cover over 150 million workers and dependents, purchasing 34% of all healthcare.2  Of growing concern are numerous new and pricey prescription drugs, known as specialty pharmaceutical products, that are often noted as a key culprit behind rising healthcare costs.

In the Reconstructing Healthcare episode #54, podcast host, Michael Menery, introduces Andy Reeves, the Co-owner and CEO of OptiMed Health Partners. Join us as we discuss how OptiMed Specialty Pharmacy is bringing transparency to the market and helping employers understand and realign traditional specialty pharmacy distribution channels to lower costs. Listen to the Reconstructing Healthcare Podcast here or type the following URL in your browser:

Discussion topics include specialty drugs, specialty pharmacy vs. retail pharmacy, pharmacy benefits, misaligned incentives, price transparency, medication adherence vs. compliance, quality of care, and cost savings. Given their substantial financial investment into employee health, employers are justified in asking whether healthcare expenditures contribute to improved employee health and productivity as well as to the bottom line. Listen to the podcast and learn why OptiMed is a chosen partner for superior cost savings and better-quality care for patients.

About OptiMed:  OptiMed Health Partners is an independently owned and operated national health care organization, specialty pharmacy, and infusion services. With over 25 years of experience, OptiMed leverages personalized attention to detail to deliver customized solutions that optimize patient outcomes while partnering with other health care organizations to usher in a new standard of excellence. To learn more about OptiMed’s innovative and personalized care, visit

About Reconstructing Healthcare:  Reconstructing Healthcare is a podcast series that explores what is wrong with the current health care system in the US, examines what drives higher healthcare costs and exposes deficiencies in traditional insurance products. Join us as we interview companies and entrepreneurs that are providing innovative services and solutions designed to not only disrupt the health insurance marketplace but deliver lower costs and better value for your employees.

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Source: OptiMed Health Partners