ASCENDpbm Launches Algorithm to Link Work Productivity to Healthcare Outcomes and Value

Linking Work Productivity to Healthcare Outcomes and Value

Announcing a breakthrough value equation giving employers insight on specialty healthcare investments

Suboptimal health is costing U.S. employers billions annually. Absenteeism, related to poor health, costs American employers an astounding $225.8 billion annually. The cost of healthcare continues to rise with the cost of employee health benefits, expected to near $15,000 on average in 2019.

Cost alone does not translate to value in healthcare. Most businesses carefully track direct health-related costs. However, many have no method for analyzing the numerous factors that may influence the corresponding value of these expenditures, positively or negatively. Given their substantial financial investment into employee health, employers are justified in asking whether healthcare expenditures contribute to improved employee health and productivity, as well as to the bottom line.

The HERO Score provides employers the insight needed to achieve the health outcomes most important to their unique workforce. By distilling a multitude of health outcome variables into a simple, easy-to-interpret value score, employers can see how their healthcare investments affect employee productivity and provide value to their organization.

ASCENDpbm has aligned with OptiMed Health Partners to utilize the Health Economics Return & Outcomes (HERO) Score and assist employers in evaluating the return on healthcare dollars invested. This measured score critically assesses the value provided from specialty pharmaceuticals, which are a major force driving pharmacy benefit costs.

“Unlike absenteeism, presenteeism isn’t always apparent. You know when someone doesn’t show up for work, but you often can’t tell when — or how much — an illness or a medical condition hinders someone’s performance".

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